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Service Areas

Our firm brings together highly trained and qualified professionals dedicated to delivering service of the highest quality standard to our clients. Our Service Areas consist of:


We are not a typical acccouting firm. We strive to excel above your expectation and provide you with the latest knowledge on the accounting standards. 




We are licensed auditor approved by the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. 


We provide statutory and special audits of financial statements in Malaysia. 



We are able to provide your Company with business, accounting and tax advisory services. 




​GST is a new and complex subject in Malaysia. We are approved GST Tax Agents under S170 of the GST Act 2014. We can assist you in your GST implementation, reviewing and submission of GST 03 returns and manage your refunds successfully. 


All the above are very important to your business as it affects your cashflows and by complying, it avoids you from hefty penalties too.  




Tax matters can be complicated, confusing and costly to you. We can handle your tax matters and make it easier for you to understand. We can also minimise your tax payments with proper tax planning in accordance with the Income Tax Act 1967. We provide the following tax services: 

  • Corporate tax

  • Individual tax (local & expatriate)

  • GST

  • Tax planning and advisory

  • Tax audit and investigations


We assist you in Corporate Tax compliance and proper tax planning. 





We provide training for accounting, taxation, and GST matters such as MPERS IFRS, and GST technical updates. 

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